The Top 8 Accessories to Buy for Your Boat

marine accessories

Whether they address safety concerns, entertainment demands, or provide a true functional benefit, marine accessories online have made developmental strides over the last few years. Here are the top eight accessories to consider purchasing from your marine supply online store.

1. Innovative life jackets

What would a list of essentials be without the humble life jacket? An absolute necessity, life jackets are not the bulky, annoying ones you had to wear when you were a child.

Consider buying a set of inflatable life jackets. With some automatically opening as soon as you hit the water, what could provide greater comfort than protection that doesn’t get in the way?

2. Space-saving life jacket storage

Marine suppliers have come up with innovative ways to deal with the problem of life jacket storage. Rather than taking up space, a specially designed life jacket bag that clips into your interior and hangs from the roof could be just what you need.

3. Innovative marine security

Secure your boat and marine accessories with a fingerprint-based locking system. Storing up to 500 fingerprints for multiple users, this padlock provides ultimate security for your valuable possessions. In addition, it allows you to remotely share access via a Bluetooth connection.

4. Bungee docking rope

Bungee-style docking rope beats out traditional rope when it comes to ease of use. With a built-in shock-absorber and a range of sizes to suit, this innovative option will surely reduce docking time. Recommended for boats of up to 4000 pounds, this accessory stands out for its intuitive design that makes life so much easier.

5. Floating dry bags

There is nothing worse than losing goods overboard or having to deal with sodden items. This becomes outdated when you get into the habit of using floating dry bags. Designed to protect your devices, gear, clothing, as well as your financial tools such as credit cards, floating dry bags are an absolute essential in every boat.

Entertainment on the water

6. Applications designed for boating

If you have many people on your boat regularly, why not consider an app-based alarm system that will detect when someone has fallen overboard. Simply register your guests, and the app will check every ten seconds whether all guests are still on your vessel.

7. Entertainment on the water

Whether you’re after the latest TV show or you want to stream your favorite playlist direct to your boat’s audio system, both options are covered with both Raymarine’s satellite TV and Wet Sounds MC-1. The offer a range of options depending on your location. Make the most of modern technology on the high seas by visiting a marine supply online store today.

8. An emergency locator beacon

With a quality emergency beacon, you ensure the survival of friends and family should you encounter the worst. Available in a range of options to suit every budget and in different configurations, whether you prefer a satellite phone or a GPS locator, you ensure you always have the coast guard on standby.

With the standard essentials ticked off and ready to go for your next boating adventure, the sky really is the limit when it comes to new product releases designed to make boating more enjoyable. Head into your local marine supply store to discover their range of marine accessories available.

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