A growing air service is determined by the number of schedules in a week that can be sustained for consecutive 12 months in its frequent existing routes .Ultimate jet charter faced a crisis in 2009.This fallout became the financial crisis which was the worst-because of the depression that was great on demand corporate on bank clients.

Rick Pawlak, the company’s managing director says that, the company made a decision of putting either its 30-seat or Dornier 328 aircrafts to work in a capacity that was new. This was a makeup of the revenue that they had lost. They then started offering scheduled flights from Cincinnati to Morristown. The scheduled flights became famous among travellers and that is how it started. This days Ultimate operates an average of 60 round trips in a week. It operates within its hub, public airport {Lunken field} in Cincinnati and Morristown. The other route is Charlote, Chicago and Cleveland.
By the end of September, they are planning to add Atlanta service and also mulling over its round trips from Cleveland to Morristown and Chicago.Pawlak also added that they are doing an emulation of Cleveland as they did to Cincinnati.

Their business model flies out of private terminals which are easy for customers reach without hassling in parking in garages, occupying large spaces to wait for transportation security administration. It is also a time consumer for walks through the airport.

These days, passengers who use planes from companies who have scheduled charters arrive at the terminal 15 minutes prior to flight take off because of security lines that may be long.Those passengers who use commercial airlines that are standard arrive 3 hours prior to flight take off. Passengers who use air planes which have scheduled charters for their trips have an advantage of not going through security checks.

Scheduled charters have expanded its services to destinations that are desired mostly by the community for business or travelling for leisure.Sceduled charters have increased a demand for air service[international] that is driven by regional foreign companies which are multinational, colleges and universities and also medical facilities which are world class.

The scheduled charter flight service has greatly offered non-stop services which are occasional. Delta air line began offering the service on the 01/06/2016 that has offered access to 51 international destinations. Paris is one of the destinations in Europe for air travellers that use plane that have chartered schedules, because of its tourism and university affiliations. United States of America through increased concentration on its commercial routes has also benefited scheduled charters.

Because of the complications that might be caused by scheduled flight at times, and also profitability maintaining, the airlines have developed many loopholes to be used by travellers. Air lines have been made to make adjustments that are constant. Air lines have different prices for trips. The factors that influence differences in pricing include;

Remaining days until the day of travellers.
The local factor booked.
Total price demand as focast by price point
Variation of the day of the week of the departure.
For this reasons, the aircrafts are classified in cabins i.e. first class, business class and the economy class.

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