Brand Spotlight: The KIA/Kershaw Knife

Kershaw spring assisted folding knives

Across the country, many proud Americans make use of Kershaw spring assisted folding knives as their everyday carry. The company has been around since 1974, manufacturing high-quality knives for pocket carry, hunting application, and knife shows. To this day, Kershaw produces knives in America, for a market that values quality delivered through domestic manufacture.

Since KAI’s acquisition, Kershaw has adopted some of the Japanese pedigree, giving American consumers the best of both worlds. Its extensive and award-winning range of knives today is fun just to browse and check out some of the cool designs.

Kershaw Knife Features

Kershaw has always innovated with its tools, offering great technology which has practical use in everyday carries. When you buy a Kershaw spring assisted folding knife today, there’s a good chance it makes use of the SpeedSafe system for a quick and reliable draw. More recent advances include Composite Blade technology, an approach that combines two steels in a single blade, sharing the benefits of edge retention and strength found in different grades.

The reality is that consumers know Kershaw products are reliable, day in, day out, when out on the trail or carrying a pocket knife every day. Many people hold onto their knives for a lifetime, which means it’s worth researching and making a purchase that offers real, lasting quality.

Excellent Kershaw Examples

Ultimately, a company is only as good as its products or services. Kershaw offers excellent customer service and guarantees on its knives, among which happen to be some of America’s favorites. Here are some of the highlights from Kershaw’s catalogue:

  • Leek – Possibly Kershaw’s most iconic blade. This is one of the legendary Ken Onion designs form his tenure at the company. His series includes organically-shaped designs inspired by and named after onion derivatives, such as the Scallion, Shallow, Chive and, of course, the Leek. Although naming might be a little cheesy, these beloved knives are reliable, and the Leek has an excellent needle-thin point, ideal as a penetrator.
  • Link – A proud, American-made knife which offers high quality at an affordable price. The range comes with different blade options, including Tanto, serrated and plain edges, with 420HC steel. It’s easy to sharpen but might not retain its edge as well as other models, which is a fair compromise for its price.
  • Barge – This flat end knife is an ingenious offering, with a bulky, industrial design. It’s ideal for mechanical and urban use – no doubt you’ll find lots of opportunities to jam your knife in paint tins, crates, and other pry bar applications.
  • Induction – One of Kershaw’s newest models. Grant & Gavin Hawk make some of the coolest knives on the market, and their designs are a perfect complement to Kershaw’s range. The name comes from inductions innovative magnetic locking system – a stunning, futuristic reinvention of your classic drop-point blade pocket knife. Simply stunning.

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