Stop Feeling Self-Conscious “Down There” With Labial Reduction In Scottsdale


Having plastic and cosmetic surgery can be one of the most personal decisions a person can make. And some of those procedures – such as labial reduction in Scottsdale – are even more private than others.

Women who are self-conscious about the length or shape of their labia minora (the inner lips around the vaginal opening) may feel as if they can’t talk to anyone about it because the subject is so personal. They often keep their thoughts about their bodies to themselves, even though it makes them feel self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Yet, labial reduction in Scottsdale is a routine procedure; in fact, hundreds of women get them every year and the results are truly amazing. It is used to treat both large labia and asymmetrical labia. Following surgery, most women who had previously put it off wonder why they didn’t do something about it sooner. It is an outpatient surgery that requires no overnight hospital stay and that heals relatively quickly with great results.

The Benefits of Labial Reduction Surgery
Long labia can make some physical activities uncomfortable or even painful. By shortening the labia, discomfort and irritation can be greatly diminished, if not completely eliminated.

Women who were uncomfortable in the bedroom before the surgery often have more sexual self-confidence following the procedure. Labial reduction in Scottsdale can also make personal hygiene easier to maintain, and make urinating and sexual intercourse easier.

About Labial Reduction in Scottsdale
The surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis using general or twilight anesthesia. The labia will either be shortened or a small triangular-shaped wedge will be removed with the sides sutured together to form smaller skin folds. Retaining a natural shape along with all normal sensation is of utmost importance.

Most patients only miss a week (or less) from work and the sutures typically dissolve in just two to four weeks. Patients are often advised to place a cold pack on the area to reduce swelling, which is usually minimal directly following surgery. Results vary based on the amount of excess tissue.

Patients can resume wearing tampons or having sexual intercourse after four to six weeks. Regular exercise can be resumed after one to two weeks depending on how the patient is healing. The body will continue to heal itself in the months to come and you will notice improvements throughout that time.

Labiaplasty surgery can greatly improve the cosmetic appearance and comfort of the external vagina, giving women greater confidence, comfort, and self-esteem.
And for the right patient, it can empower a woman to feel better about herself. If you’re interested in seeing if labial reduction in Scottsdale is right for you, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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