The State-of-the-Art Solution to Sewer Line Problems

One of the essential aspects of home maintenance is keeping an eye on plumbing and sewer line problems. It must be met with immediate action to prevent further water damage, like mildew formation and rotting of a home’s structure. Are you currently faced with this kind of trouble in your property and want to hire a specialist for your sewer repair in South Pasadena? For the most efficient and cost-effective solution, consider hiring one with expertise on the trenchless method.

Sewer Repair Methods – Trenchless vs Traditional

Traditional sewer line repair and replacements involve digging up the ground, which means having to destroy landscapes and lawns in order to repair or replace each affected section of a piping system. Technicians typically spend hours working on trenches. After successful pipe repair and replacement, they would again take several more hours to rebury the pipes. In this tedious project, numerous technicians and heavy, expensive equipment are often needed.

Trenchless sewer repair is the total opposite. This method encompasses advanced technology which allows specialists to do the job faster than traditional methods other contractors still use. Setting up strategic access points, holes, and micro-video cameras are some of the state-of-the-art procedures used which allow personnel to work remotely and efficiently. The revolutionary process fixes your sewer lines to its best condition for long-term performance, without destroying your beautiful garden. Isn’t that what matters most?

Is the Trenchless Method the Right Solution?

Your property would greatly benefit with the trenchless method if any of the following is present:

Blocked or Damaged Pipes. Pipes are subject to wear and tear. They could literally fall apart due to cracking and blockages. Cracking usually results from movement in the ground or the house itself, freezing and thawing, or corrosion, while blocked pipes tend to burst due to household debris.

Underground Piping Issues. Stress brought about by a tree’s roots have adverse effects on the pipes that lie beneath. Trenchless technology is the ideal solution for underground pipe problems in homes, apartment buildings, and landscaping.

Poorly Installed Pipes. Improper placement leads to leaky sewer lines or constant sewer backups. Not only does this scenario produce an unsightly and unhygienic bathroom, but can trigger various potential health concerns.

Trenchless is the best way to go if you are experiencing any of these problems, or require installation of larger water lines in your South Pasadena property. If you make the wise decision of hiring a specialist who can perform the trenchless sewer repair method, then all the inconveniences will be short-lived. Why would you let a contractor tear up your yard to repair or replace your pipes, when there is a better alternative?

You save time, save money, and even help save the planet with the less intrusive, environment-friendly trenchless sewer repair technique. Less time equates to a sewer line repair or replacement accomplished in as little as one day as experts utilize contemporary equipment. The trenchless technology is a budget-savvy choice with no structural modification required, less manual labor and cleanup costs.

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