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The Industrial Drain System is your Responsibility

A well maintained environment is not only good to stay in but also good for the health of the residents. Maintaining the environment involves proper garbage disposal and appropriate maintenance of drainage systems. Alameda’s government alongside other key players such as landlords plays a vital role towards ensuring that a proper industrial drain system is in place. However, on the installation of the industrial drainage system, it’s up to the users to maintain it, facilitate its long life, as well as minimize risks of clogging and bursting which could prove hazardous to all residents.

Considering that drainage systems are used by the entire community, maintenance could prove a little difficult, although. Therefore, sensitizing residents on the importance of maintaining a good drainage system could prove helpful. They will take issues more seriously and preserve the efficiency of the industrial drainage systems, so they continue serving them all better.

Tips for maintaining industrial drainage systems in Alameda

The drainage systems begin where the disposal starts. Points of disposal include; the sinks, the showers and the toilets. Different drainage systems are made differently to fit the proper disposal of the various wastes (solid or liquid). However, the state of the industrial drains depends on the discipline of the residents.

For sinks

Avoid pouring solid waste in the kitchen sink; this mostly involves food leftovers often left in plates. Before beginning to clean the sink, take the time to clear the plates to minimize the amount of food that goes into the sink. If however, it manages to go past the sink, pour a lot of water to push the food materials down the drain and prevent clogging which may further worsen the situation, both to you and other industrial drainage system users in Alameda.

Avoid use of oily substances in the sink because these oily substances flow through the drainage and end up adhering to the pipe walls. In cases where you use cold water most of the time, the solidification of the grease will be fastened, and this could lead to blockage in the long-run. This can, however, be avoided by pouring hot water into the system, to melt away the greasy substances.

For bathtubs and showers

The shower drainage pipes are also at the risk of blocking, more so from the hair that one may accidentally or knowingly let into the system. Take time to comb your hair before the bath to avoid letting hairs into the industrial drainage system, this accumulates and ends up blocking the system causing a lot of distress to Alameda residents.
Soaps should also not be let into the system, using a reasonable amount of detergent is advisable as well since it may have the sticky effect on the pipes, creating not only a barrier but trapping other items that may accumulate with time to cause harm to the Alameda drainage system.

For toilets

Anything that is not disposable through the created system shouldn’t be disposed of through the drainage means. In as far as toilet drainage systems are adaptable to disposing of both solid and liquid waste, avoid disposal of tampons, wipes, pads, nylon material or anything that may pause a threat to the drainage system.

Alameda plumbers are quite responsive to calls and are good in customer services. Therefore, in case you accidentally drop something that could block the system, give them a call and they will be there in the shortest time possible.

Why maintain the drainage system

Many may argue that it’s not their responsibility to maintain the industrial drainage systems in Alameda; however, every privilege comes with responsibilities. You may not see the much need to maintain it now until it severely damaged and it requires trenchless sewer repair method, and end up making you lose a considerable amount of time in your day’s schedule. Don’t wait until it gets there to take responsibility. Be a responsible Alameda resident and keep your place clean at all times.

Proper maintenance will always ensure you are well served; not always experiencing blockages that end up inconveniencing you. This way the time you would spend supervising a plumber will be used to carry out more productive activities.

Take the responsibility of maintaining your drainage system; your neighbor does the same, and the entire Alameda industrial drain system will be well maintained.

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