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Hip Replacement in Louisiana: Could a 2-Pound Piece of Titanium and Ceramic Change Your Life?

The body contains numerous joints which are subject to wear and tear injury and arthritis. The hip joint is especially susceptible to damage because it is the largest ball and socket joint in the body. Although non-surgical methods can be used to treat hip pain, a hip replacement in Louisiana may be necessary. Today we’re discussing some things you might not know about this procedure.

1. Hip replacements in Louisiana are not just for your grandparents. While surgeries in patients 75 and older has increased by over 90%, the increase in patients 45 to 54 was a staggering 205%. While all the reasons for the increase are not entirely known, some theorize that osteoarthritis is seen in more patients that have led more active lives than previous generations.

2. The hospital will give you sex instructions. One of the hallmarks of recovery is getting back to feeling like yourself, and that includes your sexuality. You might be surprised to have to talk honestly to your partner about what you can and can’t do, waiting until all precautions are lifted for full mobility.

3. Your hip will feel better, amazingly so, even as the rest of your aches. What’s truly incredible about a hip replacement in Louisiana is that almost immediately, even with the swelling and discomfort that comes from surgery, your hip pain will be drastically reduced or even gone.

4. Pain medication is both your best friend and your worst enemy. While modern pain medications are a wonder for easing some of the physical trauma your body has just gone through, they can wreak havoc on your system, causing constipation, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite and more.

5. You might get really emotional. Anesthesia affects your emotions, psychological state, and cognition. In fact, your emotional state is all over the map. When you combine that with the stress of surgery in general and medications, you can experience a real impact.

6. What you do before the surgery is as important as after. Getting your house in order before you leave for the hospital can greatly impact your comfort and overall outcome. You’ll need to prepare clear pathways, free from trip hazards and a plan for working around your post-operative restrictions.

7. Fixing the joint is only part of the battle. Any type of major orthopedic surgery causes disruption to the rest of your body. In all likelihood, whatever your body has been doing to compensate for your hip pain or malfunction has also been causing problems all on its own. Being prepared to battle and conquer new issues as they come up is part of the recovery process.

If a deteriorating hip joint (or two) is causing constant pain and threatening your ability to work, play and walk, you may need a hip replacement in Louisiana. If medical solutions aren’t working, call our office today to schedule a consultation to determine if this solution is right for you.

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