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Getting the Most out of Your Mezzanine Area

A mezzanine storage platform offers you extra space at a lower cost compared to moving to new premises but make sure you are getting the most out of your mezzanine area.

Mezzanine areas offer multiple levels of further space while not being connected to the structure of the building, making them a flexible and affordable solution. Built for many purposes such as for holding machinery, for containing production areas, or to house offices for administrative staff.

Typically, a steel structure consisting of columns connected with horizontal beams, mezzanine areas are a flexible and robust solution. By allowing vertical expansion, a mezzanine can easily more than double the usable area of a warehouse, office or shop.

Increase value and save money

One notable way you will be getting the most out of your mezzanine storage platform is that the increase in floor space of your premises can lead to a rise in the value of the property.

This can offer you a higher sale or rental value in the event you decide to move your operation elsewhere. However, the free-standing flexible nature of a mezzanine means they can also be relocated to new premises.

Increasing the usable cubic space of a building with mezzanine floor systems means you may not need as large a building compared to if you were using the ground floor space only. This brings the benefit of reduced bills for a smaller building.

Flexible storage space

Built to accommodate different load capacities and expandable too, a mezzanine storage platform is a flexible option for your business.

Rather than stretching your budget by opting for the largest property you can afford, you can start in a smaller building feeling safe in the knowledge that if you need to expand your operation, you won’t necessarily have to move. Instead you can expand up.

Mezzanine floors adapt to the evolving needs of a company, such as adding in office space as one example.

Mezzanine offices

Mezzanine platform offices are a common use for mezzanine structures, and with these, you really will be getting the most out of your mezzanine area by being able to fit in more staff. They are quick to install and allow businesses to create a new office block or extend existing office space.

Built on a raised platform with solid flooring steel frame your mezzanine storage platform holds heavy loads and will bear the weight of office equipment, machinery, staff, and storage. Each build is bespoke and uses include containing offices, meeting rooms, kitchens and more.

Mezzanine offices need a staircase, and these would be built with safety regulations in mind. Your staircase would include closed treads and double-sided handrails throughout. In the case of staircases that form more 12 risers, installation of a landing will occur.

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