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3 Big Game Hunting Firearms

Big game hunting is exhilarating, adrenaline-packed sport. When researching guns for sale to use when hunting big game, it is important to make sure you have the proper both for your safety and to ensure the rifle and caliber match the game you hunt.

Big game hunting calls for using larger caliber weapons. Some of the most popular include the 30-30 Winchester, .30-06, .300, and .358. Let’s take a look at three popular big game hunting firearms.

Browning BLR Lightweight ‘81

This cost-effective rifle is perfect for big game hunting and comes in three different calibers. This rifle is offered in .30-06, .358 Winchester, and .450 Marlin. This is a fun lever-action firearm that has a magazine which holds 4 shots. It only weighs in at 8 pounds making it easy to carry no matter how rough the terrain.

It features a polished blue barrel and an aluminum receiver. There are also iron sights, and it is tapped so that the owner can mount the scope of their choice. The stock is a beautiful walnut that makes this gun not only reliable but stylish as well.

Benelli R1

Just like the Browning, this rifle comes in three calibers as well. Big game hunters can choose from .30-06, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Winchester Magnum. This gun is perfect for bears, moose, and even African game such as wildebeest.

The Benelli R1 features either a three or four round magazine, depending on the caliber selected. It includes a receiver mounted Picatinny rail, and you can choose between interchangeable 22” and 24” barrels.

Marlin 1895 Big Bore

The Marlin 1895 is .45-70 caliber and is known for affordability and versatility. It has the capability to take down deer, moose, and even buffalo. This is a unique lever-action rifle, making it fun to operate. It weighs about seven pounds and features a 22” barrel.

Consumers can choose from a variety of finishes. This gun is offered in everything from black walnut to laminated hardwood. Not only can you choose the finish of the stock, but you can also choose whether you want polished blued finish or a stainless-steel finish. The customization options and reliability make this a popular choice among big game hunters.

Go Big or Go Home

There are a variety of guns for sale to accommodate the needs and wants of any big game hunter. You can enjoy both style and performance. Call us today to place an order, for technical support, or product information.

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