Why Should You Buy Office Stationery from Online Suppliers Instead of Local Vendors in 2018?

Office Stationery

Getting the best deals when you order office supplies is a must for any small business and that is why it is so important for companies to price match and why you should buy office stationery from online suppliers instead of local vendors.

It makes sense when you think about it. All you need to do is visit your local high street and you will see that there are more independent suppliers than ever before, but the multi-national retailers are now few and far between.

This is because when it comes to convenience, a top priority for businesses of all sizes, it makes more sense for companies to order their office supplies online than to take the time out of their busy day to visit an out of town retailer or tackle the hassle of finding city centre parking.

When it comes to ordering everyday items such as paper, pens, folders and files it is difficult to argue with the comparison between a couple of hours and a couple of clicks!

Economies of Scale

When ordering online, customers can benefit from economies of scale as many online and ecommerce companies will provide access to thousands of products and will pass on the benefits of the relationships that they have with a network of suppliers to customers.

Based on size, scale and warehousing requirements, independent and local suppliers simply don’t have the option or buying power to do this.

Choice and Range

Local companies are often smaller than online retailers and are unable to offer the range of products and services that can be made available by ecommerce businesses. It may be that your local office supplier has a niche product range but that doesn’t give the customer the chance to pick everything up at once, instead they are left to rely on multiple suppliers which can make a simple task a hassle.

Furthermore, if there is something specific that you are looking for and that you will commit to purchasing on a regular basis, then it may be that an online supplier can add this to their range. After all, if you are going to become a loyal supplier it would make sense to keep you happy and to give you the service you expect.

The Same Personal Service  

It is a common misconception that when you work with an online office supplier you lose the personal relationship that you could have with a local business but that isn’t always the case. When you work with an online office supplier such as Office Monster you will have access to a dedicated account handler who will become your main point of contact.

Not only does this mean you are working with the same person every time you order, but if there is a problem you can work with them to make it right. Rather than expect a service that lacks personality, you can build a relationship in the same way you would with any other retailer.

Make Your Life Easier

There really is no need to make your life any more difficult than it needs to be, especially when you have a business. Choosing to work with online suppliers will give you access to the largest range of products, at the best prices and with benefits that will add value along the way.

When working with online suppliers, in comparison to local companies, you can expect to receive loyalty points to be used against future orders, free next day delivery and a hassle-free returns policy.

You may also receive free gifts as many larger online retailers will share seasonal campaigns throughout the year. As well as offering discount codes, you could receive treats for referring friends or recommending new contacts.


If you’re still uncertain about whether you would prefer to rely on a local business or an online supplier, it may be worth putting together a simple list of pros and cons. This will give you a clear idea of what matters to you the most.

Buying local may work for groceries and fresh fruit but when it comes to your office supplies don’t underestimate the benefits of online ordering and the convenience that it delivers to businesses of all sizes.

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