Why Choose Cotton Mastectomy Bras?

Why Choose Cotton Mastectomy Bras?

Mastectomy bras are specially designed for women to wear post-surgery because their scars are still sensitive. Cotton mastectomy bras provide the best choice of material for comfort and allergies.

If you’re shopping around and approaching surgery dates, the bad news is that the early days are going to be uncomfortable. Choosing the right materials for a mastectomy bra can give you an added boost and help you overcome discomfort.

Post-Surgery Sensitivity

Everyone recovers differently from surgery, but nearly everyone will be ultra-sensitive. Natural materials like cotton will feel much better against your skin, reducing the discomfort you are feeling, and are less likely to cause irritation on scarring.

The good news is the pain will ease relatively quickly. The loss and re-adjustment can be difficult to deal with. Although time heals physical wounds, mental wellbeing is just as critical.

Benefits of a Cotton Mastectomy Bra

A good quality cotton mastectomy bra will last much longer and feel much better than a synthetic one, and when going through this difficult physical and mental process, you deserve the best materials.

If you’ve never considered the benefits of cotton over synthetic fabrics, here’s a summary of some of the benefits:

  • Cotton does not “sweat” as badly as synthetic fabrics. You’ve probably heard this before, however the reasons for the non-sweat quality is that cotton is far more absorbent than synthetic fabrics, meaning it will absorb moisture, so although you may still sweat, you will not feel as sweaty, and the sweat will perform its natural function of providing your body with evaporation cooling.
  • Cotton allows airflow through the fibers, drying out the moisture absorbed, and reducing temperature, so reducing sweat and keeping the body feeling cooler.
  • Cotton feels very smooth against your skin – this is the number one reason it makes a great mastectomy bra, you deserve to have something great to help you combat the pain you are
  • Cotton washes better than synthetic fabrics, and the garment usually lasts much longer.
  • Cotton is best for sensitive skin, as chemicals in synthetic fabrics can cause rashes or irritation, which can be important with new wounds that post-surgery bras cover.

Shop Online for Mastectomy Bras

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Shopping for cotton mastectomy bras online now makes browsing much easier. There are so many options available, and one can shop even from the comfort of the hospital bed while awaiting surgery or undergoing chemo – why not make it fun – treat yourself to some fun online mastectomy shopping for some really nice cotton lingerie, for post-surgery comfort, or just to spoil yourself.

Treat Yourself to the Best

Don’t underestimate the difficulty you’re going through. Feel good about the benefits of good quality natural fiber cotton mastectomy bras to help ease the discomfort.

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