What is a Tactical Hunting Knife?

tactical hunting knife

A tactical hunting knife is one that is durable, tough, and above all, functional. It must be capable of aiding in survival situations, provide some measure of self-defense, and be built to last.

The blade must have a few necessary features to be classified as a tactical hunting knife.

Fixed Blade

A fixed blade is far stronger than a folding knife, so if you think you may ever be in a situation where your life rests on the knife you carry, make it a fixed blade. After all, a tool is only as strong as its weakest point, and the joint of a folding knife cannot be relied on to perform the toughest jobs.

Sharp Point

A sharp, spear-like tip is considered by experts to be essential because this knife’s first purpose is as self-defense. You need a knife that’s capable of piercing through the tough hide of your attacker.

These types of blades are also multi-functional, and able to be lashed to a stick to make a spear, skin a catch, and trim branches. Every tip has something it does better than the others, and this is it for a spear tip.

Straight Edge

Sharpening a serrated edge is more difficult, and in a survival situation, you may not have more than a rock, which won’t cut it. However, if kept sharp, a straight edge can perform almost as well as a serrated against tougher materials like rope.

While there are some who prefer a semi-serrated edge, others argue that it halves the cutting edge for both. In the end, this one is a matter of preference, but we recommend a straight edge.

Proper Size

In this instance, bigger isn’t necessarily better. If the knife is too big, you won’t be able to do more detailed work, such as precision cuts on game, or preparing a snare quickly and easily. If the knife is too small, you can’t use it for the rugged jobs, like batoning it through logs for firewood.

It’s about balance, and a medium knife works best. For reference, between 5 and 9 inches on the blade. After that, you can decide what feels best to you.

Full Tang

The knife should be full tang, as this increases its durability. A partial tang or no tang at all means the knife will break or bend much sooner than a full tang knife. You know you’ve found a full tang knife when you can see the metal sandwiched between the handle halves.

Solid Handle

Some tactical hunting knives are sold with a hollowed out space in the handle that’s meant for storing additional supplies, such as fishing line and hooks. Handy as that may sound, it’s not a good idea. This weakens the handle and the knife.

Better to find a solid handle of a durable material, with a flat, heavy pommel. This allows you to dig the knife in and get your weight behind it or hammer on it with a rock or other item.

So now that you have a basic idea what to look for, it’s just a matter of checking out the tactical hunting knives for sale in your area.

Good hunting.

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