What Are the Top Ten Cryptocurrency Exchange Services?

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Congratulations on your decision to finally invest in cryptocurrencies! You’ve made the right choice.

You only need to take on more right decision! You need to select what cryptocurrency exchange services platform are you going to be associated with.

Cryptocurrency exchange services are online sites where you can transact in cryptocurrencies globally. If you are looking forward to transacting in digital currency online, you need to have an access to a great platform that is going to help you throughout. For the same, you will need to indulge in actively verifying your ID, your credentials and then open an account. However, you can also make an account on an online platform, without any credential requirement if you want to indulge in occasional exchange.

However, with the abundance of exchange services platform, which one should you be choosing? Let’s have a look at the top 10 cryptocurrency exchange service platforms you should be dealing with.


We power indicators expecting you to be a beginner to the world of cryptos. If this is true, this one is for you. It is a great platform for people who are looking to make clean and easy investments for the first time in bitcoins, litecoins and ethers. This entry point platform allows people from the United States, Canada, Europe, Singapore, UK, and Australia to deal in cryptos.


This Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange service derives its name from two words – Binary and Finance. Binance is a pure, simple and easy platform for both beginners and pros alike.


One of the most reliable Cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken provides the users with a highly secure environment, legal formalities and compliances and other advanced mechanism to make trade smooth and convenient. The exchange provides massive liquidity, low fees, margin trading, and many other features.


A European cryptocurrency exchange, Bitpanda is known to people for dealing with Bitcoins, Bcash, Dash, Ethers, Litecoins, and Ripple. The platform provides people with option for several payment methods for dealing with cryptos – bank transfers, debits cards, credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, etc.


Coinmama is another beginner friendly cryptocurrency exchange which focuses on debit card and credit card exchanges. You get instant delivery of your cryptos and will be able to see them at an immediate basis in the United States and other countries.


A platform focusing on an elaborate range of services regarding cryptocurrencies, helps users trade fiat money with Bitcoins and Ethers. The exchange is highly liquid, secure, with a lower fee and good margin trading view tools with a personalised trading platform. This is a platform for you, if you are looking to trade in a professional manner.


The exchange services offers its users with a good user-interface, making it a popular choice among many. The exchange is also pretty straightforward and easy to use. The Luxemborg based exchange caters mainly to European clients and is compatible with European Union’s Single Euro Payment Area, but also people can deal in U.S. Dollars as well. It is a convenient option for most.


The Gemini Cryptocurrency exchange is based out of New York, United States, and is known to deal mainly in US Dollars, Ethers and Bitcoins. The fee for the same is as low as 1 per cent and is known to offer convenience to the users on a large scale. Some of the features include highly secure environment, legally compliant, cold storage system benefiting offline information storage, and a multi-factor authentication.


Poloniex is an active crypto exchange platform available in almost all countries and states around the globe. The platform was recently acquired by Circle and now offers a fee of about .15 % for makers and .25% for the takers.


A Seattle, United States based cryptocurrency exchange is a legally regulated exchange offering people with trading pairs with support for over 190 cryptocurrencies. The plus point for Bittrex is the speedy transaction time, with an overall stable environment and compliance of risk management. They provide valuable customer service along with good tech support.


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