The X-Series Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger from Triangle

X-Series Vertical Form Fill Seal

Triangle is a firm with a highly diversified items range which extends right from vertical form fill sealers, to combination weighters and scales, to depositors, and even to bag in box packaging systems. In fact, it would not be incorrect to say that as one of the pioneer firms on planet earth to get into production of vertical form fill seal (vffs) bag machines, Triangle has set sky high milestones for the rest of the pack to follow.

As on date, 90 full years after venturing into this field, Triangle still plods on its journey of manufacturing packaging machinery which is time and trial tested. Packaging solutions for different varieties of markets and work types are proffered by this company. Bags of various dimensions and patterns come from this manufacturer.

Triangle’s X-series vertical form fill seal baggers come in intermittent as well as continuous motion formats. They, as per reports, are just the right answer which clients are looking for faster, cleaner and smarter solutions for packaging requirements. The intermittent motion models of the product lineup can also be interchanged into continuous motion ones as and when required.

Equipped with characteristics like quick toolless changeover; simple to maintain designing; ultrasonic sealing; and the option of integrated zipper applicator too are available here.

It is a given fact that all servo vertical form fill seal baggers have faster operating speeds. In addition, they have an ability to very quickly change their sealing jaws from a setup for laminated to non-laminated films and vice versa. Also, there is a feature which enables a very fast changeover between forming tubes and film rolls – and this does not require any additional tools to do so. And, last but not the least, film roll changes can be made to happen in a time less than 60 seconds with a two position film roll characteristic.

The entire setup of the unit is such that any mishap that occurs can be immediately detected. The machinery is very easy to clean up after use. The machine is equipped with a very handy pivoting control box for 360 degree machine access. The vffs bagger has three levels of sanitation. These include a stainless steel frame, a stainless steel washdown and an advanced sanitary patterning which is as per the USDA and 3A sanitation criteria.

At Triangle, also available are vertical form fill seal bagging machines with a very conventional heat sealing or ultrasonic welding abilities. A matter of real pride is that this company, as a Rockwell Automation Machine Builder Partner, makes use of the Rockwell Automation Control Logix platform. Here, only the zipper applicator which is integrated into the film cage is brought forth. And this totally does away with all the stuff rejected for inaccurate or incorrect zipper placement.

An interesting point to note is that the vertical form fill seal baggers can even switchover their speed of operation automatically when it receives a signal to do so. What is actually the advanced feature is that no manual intervention whatsoever is needed for this purpose.

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