The Ultimate List of 20 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistants

hire a virtual assistant

If you’ve stumbled upon this article whilst weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants, it is more than likely that your business has grown to a point where it is near impossible for you to do everything on your own. 

 Why Virtual Assistant Outsourcing is important?

We are all well aware of the fact that the life of an entrepreneur is much more than fancy meetings with investors or customers. It is more often than not plagued with relentless daily tasks that are necessary but take up valuable time and energy that could otherwise be utilized to grow the business further. 

hire a virtual assistant
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Countless new business owners have turned to modern-day virtual assistants to address this issue. A virtual assistant is by definition a person remotely connected to a business owner to whom the business owner outsources daily essential tasks.

 What is a Virtual Assistant task list?

The scope of work that could be covered under the umbrella of virtual assistants is limitless. In today’s digitally connected world you can hire a virtual assistant for almost anything that has to do with your work. The virtual assistant task list could include:


  • Administrative work. 
  • Financial Services. 
  • Customer Support.
  • Content creation.
  • Marketing.
  • Personal Assistance.


 Administrative Work:

 Virtual assistants are known to be experts in managing administrative tasks for businesses and clear backlogs dating back years due to the mundane nature of the tasks.

 Database Management: A virtual assistant could be assigned the task to clean and rearrange your customer database thus helping you understand your sales trends better. 

 Travel Bookings: Your travel bookings to any destination would be made hassle-free with the help of a virtual assistant. 

 Scheduling Meetings/Calendar Management: You can hire a virtual assistant to manage your google calendar and appointments to ensure you don’t miss anything important.

 Research: Virtual assistants can be given the task to do market research and gather data while you focus on the bigger picture.

 Event Planning: Many times businesses need to arrange events to boost sales and show presence in the market. Such events leave a long-lasting impression on the attendees. Virtual assistants can help you arrange events that could lead to optimization of profits and create a better brand image for your business.

 Note Taking: Have your VA attend meetings with you to take accurate notes so you don’t miss anything important.


Financial Services:

 Businesses are turning towards expert virtual assistants to outsource their financial services and maintain accounts.

 Bookkeeping: Many businesses opt to outsource the task of bookkeeping to virtual assistants. 

 Analysis of business model: An executive virtual assistant with expert knowledge can be outsourced the task to analyze and evaluate your business model and to help you make better decisions.


Customer Support:

Customer support services are one of the most important tasks a business needs to perform in order to ensure that its customers feel valued and satisfied. Many firms around the globe have chosen to outsource the task of customer support to virtual assistants and have reported unimaginably positive results.

 Customer Emails: A daily task for virtual assistants can be to reply to customer emails and address issues that customers face. Most customers are too busy to call up a business and register their concerns, so they choose to email them. Prompt responses to their emails can make them feel valued and in turn increase their level of satisfaction.

 Live Chat: Chatting live with people that visit your website can be part of your virtual assistant outsourcing.

 Skype or Zoom Calls: You can assign a virtual assistant task every day that could include calling your customers via skype, zoom, or phone. This can show your customers that you care about their input.

 Ticket System: You can have your virtual assistant manage incoming customer support requests via help desk applications.

Content creation: 

 The presence of businesses on social media platforms has become imperative to their growth in recent years. Any business can readily find virtual assistants that are experts in the field of content creation and that could help the firm perform better through social media sales.

 Blogging: Updating blogs related to your business can do wonders for your business. It engages your readers and compels them to act on your website. It also shows that you are forced to be reckoned with in the industry in which you exist. Blogs can do miracles for your search engine optimization efforts.

 Commenting: It can be a part of your virtual assistant outsourcing to comment on posts and blogs in your industry and to leave your business name and website link in them. This could help boost your existence in the industry and attract traffic to your website.

 Presentations and graphic designs: Specialist virtual assistants may be hired to prepare engaging presentations and graphic designing to enhance the digital presence of your business and attract potential clients.


Marketing has become the backbone of growing businesses around the globe. A virtual assistant can bring new ideas to the table and help the business grow further.

Forum Discussions: Business owners can outsource tasks to virtual assistants related to marketing such as holding forum discussions on different social media platforms and engaging their customer base.

 Social Media PPC advertising: You can hire virtual assistants to outsource the task to run ad campaigns using google ads and various social media platforms and run an analysis of the results of these campaigns.

 Forum Discussions: Forum discussions are an important part of the marketing function of many businesses where potential clients can partake in discussions and provide valuable input. Virtual assistants can be outsourced the task to host and moderate such discussions and identify any potential clients for future business growth.


Personal Assistance:

 Work-life balance: Many entrepreneurs spend most hours of their day working on their business and have little to no time left for their families, friends, or even themselves. Delegating daily tasks to virtual assistants could help with this problem and restore a healthy work-life balance for the business owner.

 Personal Planner: Your virtual assistant will be happy to assist with personal tasks as well as business-related tasks such as restaurant reservations etc.


All and all it is safe to say that if your business is growing at a pace that you know will be difficult to handle by yourself, your best bet is to hire a virtual assistant that best suits your line of work and that can help you perform all the tasks that you were doing by yourself until now.

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