The Possibility of Traveling to the Super Bowl 50


The possibility of traveling to the Super Bowl 50, being held at Levi’s Stadium at Santa Monica, California, is exhilarating. But what if you could travel in style too? Considering a jet charter empty leg flight promises convenience, luxury, and a time to relax and celebrate.

Been working hard, and want cushy seats and available leg room? You got it. Desire to travel with loved ones, and want a 100% guarantee that they will sit beside you? No worries – you will get that guarantee, if you have a small group traveling with you.

What if you just have to spend a certain amount of time at work, and so need to travel fast? That won’t be a problem, because these flights travel with speed.
JetSuite flies to more than 200 destinations and can offer affordable, hot deals. For Super Bowl 50, they are offering their SuiteDeals for only $50! For that price, you can take a well deserved break, hop on to a private jet, and fly.

If there are any concerns like safety, feel free to call the airline and ask what their safety measures are, for your safety and well-being should be a primary concern. Of course, it should be noted that the Federal Aviation Administration is aware that this is going to be a busy time and so they are on high alert, and have enforced several traffic and safety measures.

These JetSuite deals promise to give the whole flight to the passenger. A Phenom 100 will be able to seat four people, while the JetSuite Edition Citation CJ3 has enough seats for six people. So if you travel as a small group that has between four to six people, then take advantage of this discounted offer and travel in luxury!

It can be quite easy to claim a JetSuite deal. On their site, after you register, sign up for a SuiteDeal Wishlist so that you can quickly be notified by text message or email if there are any SuiteDeals available.

Keep in mind that nearby airports near Super Bowl 50 are Mineta San Jose International Airport, San Francisco International, Oakland International, San Jose Reid Hillview Airport, Monterey Peninsula Airport, and Hayward Executive Airport. Therefore, when you sign up for the SuiteDeal Wishlist, select these airports as your desired destinations.

Never miss the chance to get a last-minute deal! The good news is that California, the place where the Super Bowl 50 is being held, is also a location that offers one of the most hot, low-cost, last-minute deals, according to Bob Diener, the co-founder of He recommends JetSuite for finding the best and most up-to-date last-minute deals. This is another reason why signing up for their SuiteDeal ‘Wishlist’ may be a good idea.

However, there are plenty of other options. compares the prices of different private jet offers, so it is worth it to check them out. Bear in mind, though, that there are some private jet companies which have a much more expensive price tag than what JetSuite offers.

If you have a small group interested in going to the Superbowl 50, then there is sure to be an affordable option. Small groups tend to get savings, and therefore get lower prices. Travel with the people you love, rest and enjoy yourself in a private jet, and fly fast to the Super Bowl 50.

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