How to Install a Bull Bar on a Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota tool bar

A tremendously capable off-road gear with a user-friendly info-entertainment system and a higher payload than most other compact pickup trucks, Toyota Tacoma is the ultimate winner in the year 2018!

Its rugged yet handsome feel and appearance along with the meticulously designed mechanics and the power of fuel efficiency makes this 2.7 liters four-cylinder, a 180 lb-ft of torque, and along with a five-speed manual makes it a monster for you next serious adventure!

Your Toyota Tacoma needs protection though! An armor.

A bull bar installed on your heavy duty monster can do the job!

A  bull bar can make your Tacoma experience from good to excellent in just a few minutes! Bull Bars can bring out your personality in the form of your vehicle.

What Bull bars to consider to your Tacoma?

Westin, Aries, DeeZee, Steelcraft are some of the widely popular names when we think of a Toyota Tacoma Bull Bar. All these brand names are pretty similar when they come to providing your expertise and class along with a top-notch framework. However, though similar to each other, they are not all interchangeable. You need to focus on what looks efficient and great with your Tacoma and choose one.

How does a bull bar help your Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota Tacoma Bull Bars work in a scientific way, engineered for perfection! The structure of a bull bar is generally rigid. It is usually made out of metal, but in some cases, you can also come across plastic bull bars. Once fit in front of a vehicle, they are going to protect the same. They are designed to do so! They are supposed to provide that extra protection and extra cushioning for your radiator and your headlights.

How is your Bull Bar going to work?

Most manufacturers use similar bull bars to work on different vehicles. A Silverado Bull bar might appear similar to your Toyota Tacoma Bull Bar, even though their mounting styles are different.

But what matters the most is the size of the bull bar. The bigger your bull bar would be the better!

A basic bull bar works meticulously to protect your vehicle, its front, and the headlights. In other certain cases, bull bars help your vehicles to install lift kit, spotlights, radio antennas, etc.

However, while purchasing a bull bar, you need to be very careful.


Bull Bar manufacturers are not the best marketing professionals in most cases. You might not be aware of better alternatives therefore, you must choose a good middleman who you can trust. You must trust the quality of bull bars he sells to you.


Now that everything is clear, and you have had your hands on the choice of your bull bars, here are a few steps you need to ensure during its installation process.

Whatever bull bar you are investing in, you need to open the packaging of the same carefully.

Ensure that you have all the necessary tools for installing the bull bar.

You need to next crawl under the rig of your vehicle and locate the drill holes that have been factory made.

Bolt the bull bar tightly into the factory made holes and torque them down.

Connect these bull bars to the mounting brackets evenly.

Make sure to double check once you are done!

Bull bars are large and heavy, and installing one of these could be a major task, you might want some help! Make sure to have someone with you while the installation process.

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