Arizona Hysterectomy: Myths and Misconceptions

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Hysterectomy…the very word can stoke emotions, unlike any other surgical procedure. For some women, hysterectomy brings out sadness because it signals an end to fertility. For others, the removal of their uterus signals the beginning of being pain-free, not feeling tired of anaemia, not having to worry about contraception and not having to dread their monthly period.  Today we’re discussing some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding Arizona hysterectomy.

Myth #1: A hysterectomy will cause instant menopause.  Hysterectomy actually refers only to the removal of the uterus and has nothing to do with the ovaries. And it’s your ovaries – not your uterus – that provides estrogen. Since the removal of the ovaries is sometimes performed at the time of hysterectomy, many people understandably, but mistakenly, think that is always part of the procedure.

Myth #2: If I have an Arizona hysterectomy, I will need to take at least 6 weeks off work to recover. 

Today, most women are candidates for an outpatient laparoscopic or robotic procedure. Patients typically go home within hours of surgery with 3 or 4 tiny bandages on their belly.

Some women worry that such an early discharge is potentially dangerous. Be assured that hospitals that routinely discharge women hours after hysterectomy have strict rules in place to make sure that it is safe to do so.

Most women who are eligible prefer going home hours after surgery knowing they will be far more comfortable in their own beds, eating their own food, and peeing in the privacy of their own bathrooms.  The majority of patients report that they feel like nothing happened within two weeks or less after the day of surgery.

Myth #3: My sex life will suffer. Virtually every woman expresses concerns regarding how a hysterectomy will affect her sexual function, desire, and desirability.  But, there is good news. Studies consistently indicate that the most important thing that determines what sex after hysterectomy is like, is what sex before hysterectomy was like.

The decline in libido, and/or vaginal lubrication, that some women experience after an Arizona hysterectomy occurs from the loss of ovaries, not the loss of the uterus. In other words, if you don’t go into menopause as a result of your hysterectomy, nothing should change.

Myth #4: There will be a big empty space where my uterus was. This is a really common concern. Picture this. If you have a bowl of pasta with a large meatball in the middle and then someone removes the large meatball, space the meatball formerly occupied is replaced by the pasta. No one would know that the meatball was ever there. A woman’s pelvis is like a bowl filled with bowel (the spaghetti!). If the uterus (the meatball) is removed, the bowel falls into space formerly occupied by the uterus – there is no empty space.

 Myth #5: My vagina will feel different to my husband. The majority of the men surveyed felt that their sexual relationship had not suffered as a result of surgery, and many felt it had improved. In the cases that the men did report that their wives’ vagina felt different, or that their sex life had deteriorated, almost every single one was in the case of a woman who went through menopause as a result of the surgery and elected not to use oestrogen therapy. So, bottom line, once again, it is menopause that seems to sabotage sex, not hysterectomy.

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