7 Important Facts You Should Know About Online Application Form Software

Online Application Form Software

Creating and designing a flexible and easy-to-use online application form can free up your staff for other important tasks. Human resource specialists face unique challenges that intuitively-designed online application forms can solve. HR managers have to find the right candidates for critical job positions, which can be a time consuming and sometimes overwhelming process. For job applicants, the user experience is important. The larger and deeper the qualified candidate pool, the easier it will be to find the best person for your job. Automating the application process can save people on both ends of the spectrum time, making the process more efficient. Today, we’ll cover the 7 most important facts you should know about online application form software.

1. Application form software is mutually beneficial.

Online application form software is designed to enhance the user experience for job seekers and HR managers. The application process is convenient and efficient for candidates, while the software helps HR managers and recruiters collect relevant information on top candidates on autopilot.

2. Online application form software enables companies to automate crucial parts of the recruiting process

When a candidate uploads their resume, the software program will automatically fill in the online job application. Hiring managers can design a customized online application form for their business and the job position they need to fill. Including required fields in the application ensures that your company can collect the necessary information from each candidate.

3. Use customized triggers for further convenience.

A trigger is a specific action that occurs whenever changes are made to an online process or procedure, for example, when a new application form is submitted. Online application software allows you to set up automatic triggers during the application and recruiting process. You can set up triggers to send follow-up emails to applicants, such as confirmation emails, rejection emails, or thank-you emails.

4. Applications can be filled out and submitted from any device.

Online application software is designed to adapt to any device. No matter what device an applicant views the form, the software will adapt to any screen. Applications are 100% mobile friendly.

5. Compliance

It’s possible for hiring managersand recruiters to set minimum qualification standards in their online applications. Recruiters can filter through potential candidates who may otherwise not meet the position’s qualifications. Businesses can customize their online applications for EEO andOFCCP compliance.

6. Ability to request additional information.

Online application software makes it possible for the hiring manager to develop a more detailed profile of a candidate. Candidate information request options give recruiters the ability to collect more information on an applicant. This can further simplify the process and save hiring managers time finding the most qualified candidates for their position.

7. Digital application solutions are cost-effective

It costs less money and time to use a digital application process than it does to use an old-fashioned, paper application process. Sorting through reams of paper applications takes time, and time is money. Online application software streamlines the recruiting process and makes it easier and more efficient for the hiring manager, and makes the process more cost-effective for the business.

Online application software allows recruiters and hiring managers to connect with qualified job applicants more efficiently. Using innovative and forward-thinking digital solutions for the recruiting process helps companies and job candidates alike save valuable time and money. Give your staff more flexibility by automating the application process.

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