5 Things You Should Know If You’re Considering Invisalign Orthodontist Treatment Las Vegas

Orthodontist Treatment Las Vegas

You’ve probably seen the commercials: Someone is self-conscious about their smile, but then they get Invisalign and suddenly they can’t stop grinning. As an Invisalign orthodontist in Las Vegas, Agree that it can seriously straighten your teeth, and that’s why a lot of people really like it.

The process involves a series of clear, plastic aligners – each worn for two weeks -that gradually shift your teeth. So could it be an option for you? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Almost Everyone Is a Candidate. Most people can use Invisalign, but you should be extra careful and consult your orthodontist if you have a history of gum problems, loose teeth, or TMJ, a condition that causes pain in the jaw. Other than that, the teeth in most healthy teen and adults can be successfully adjusted through the process, which can take anywhere from four months to a few years.

2. In Some Cases, Braces Might Be a Better Choice. Invisalign aligners are clear, a huge plus for those of us horrified by the prospect of metal brackets on our teeth. The process can also work faster than traditional braces because the trays cover the entire tooth, not just the front part, potentially moving things along at a higher rate. That being said, for serious overcrowding or very twisted teeth, traditional braces may still prove the better fix.

3. An Orthodontist Should Treat You. Both dentists in Las Vegas and orthodontists can provide Invisalign, but it’s technically an orthodontic procedure. One thing to consider: the severity of the corrections you’re looking into. If you’ve got major teeth crowding, for example, it may be beneficial to see an Invisalign orthodontist in Las Vegas to make sure the results are up to par.

4. Your Insurance May Cover Part of the Costs. Put in a call to your insurance company to see if they cover the procedure before you schedule the Best Genital Warts Remedies. If you have orthodontic insurance, it should be at least partially covered. If your insurance won’t pick up part of the cost, it’s worth looking into financing options to find an interest-free way to spread out the payments.

5. You Should Make Sure Your Teeth Are in Tip-Top Shape. Even if you decide to go through the Invisalign process with an orthodontist, a trip to one of the dentists in Las Vegas before treatment is a good idea. Make sure you have any cavities filled before you start—if you have cavities taken care of mid-way through the process, it’s possible the liners won’t fit well, and your results could suffer.

Are you self-conscious about your teeth to the point where you’ve stopped smiling? If you want to start grinning again, call our office today to schedule a consultation with the best in Invisalign orthodontist treatment Las Vegas!

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