5 Myths About Refurbished Custom Server

Servers are processing machines that are required by businesses and setups where multiple users, clients, and programs need to connect and share data. In most cases, a server runs for long periods without being shut down. And in such cases, a server shutting down or malfunctioning can cause problems that go a long way for the businesses. 

Servers can be expensive devices and businesses need to make a rewarding decision when deciding which server to purchase. And given the delicacy involved with the performance and functioning of a server, there is little margin for wrong decisions. Therefore, many businesses prefer to spend large amounts of money on newer servers. 

What goes overlooked is the fact that refurbished servers, also often known as rectified servers can solve the problem as well. However, there are certain myths about custom refurbished servers that keep businesses from saving loads of money that could be used elsewhere. These have been explained below. 

Refurbished Servers Were Defective Once

Custom Servers

A server may simply be sold under the label of refurbished because it was overstocked and the batch would not sell out completely before a newer version becomes available. Moreover, a device that incurred minor damage on the exterior while shipping or packaging would also be sold as refurbished because it can’t be sold as new anymore. 

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Some servers that were used as demo devices in stores are also later sold as refurbished products when a newer version becomes available. Other cases include a situation where a customer purchases a device but returns it because it does not meet their requirements, the server would then be re-packaged and sold as refurbished. 

Therefore, you can understand how all custom refurbished servers were not defective at one point, they were simply unfit to be sold at the price of a new device. Such a device would work just fine for you, in fact, it will work like new because it is essentially new. 

Refurbished Servers Don’t Come With Warranty

Some refurbished devices have a manufacturer’s guarantee and some retailers also offer it. Here at Kahn Servers, we offer a one year RTB warranty with all our refurbished products. 

Other than custom refurbished servers, our warranty is also extended to heatsinks, hard drives, and other products, etc. 

Servers Are Only Meant for Corporate Use 

This is absolutely not true, as long as a server fits in your space and gets the job done pertaining to your processing needs, you can benefit from a server in any environment.

Moreover, it is common for software houses and enterprises filled refurbished hardware largely including servers. Refurbished servers allow such corporates to save big time when it comes to hanging costs. Moreover, in any other non-corporate environment, you can make use of refurbished servers to fit your needs in minimum possible expenses. 

All Refurbished Servers are the Same 

While refurbished servers have been repackaged, it does not imply that all refurbished servers are the same in terms of functionality. This is because one server may have had major equipment replacement and that may not have been carried out by professionals. Moreover, a refurbished server may also not be tested and verified before being sold. However, at Kahn Servers, we test and verify each server and also ensure that our customers do not get a defected product under any case.  



Therefore, all refurbished servers are not the same and you need to be careful about what you and where you buy it from. Moreover, always look for a warranty because you should have some kind of security when it comes to buying refurbished servers. We offer a one year RTB warranty to our customers on all servers for our customers to shop with confidence. 

Refurbished Servers Are Cheap 

While it’s true that most refurbished products come under a much cheaper price tag, this isn’t always true. Some refurbished servers from newer generations may only have a price difference of 5% to 10% from the retail price. The reason is that some servers are only sold as refurbished because they couldn’t be sold as new, but there is nothing wrong with such devices. Therefore, you should always check the retail price and see whether the refurbished device is worth it or not. 

Here at Kahn Servers, we offer some of the lowest prices for high quality custom refurbished servers for our customers.

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