3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Car Audio System

Car Audio System

It’s difficult to imagine what driving would be like without a stereo—without podcasts, radio chat, or music. If the audio in your vehicle is low quality, or worse, doesn’t work at all, it may be time to consider upgrading you car audio system.

If you’re unsure you need to upgrade, you’ll find three good reasons to help you make up your mind below.

Change Your Driving Experience with the Best Car Audio

A car audio system consists of three main components: the source, preamp, and amplifier. These three components work together to create the loud, clear sound we all want. Only by upgrading these components, then, can the best sound quality and performance be achieved.

Each component has an important function in your system. Some always come with the same options, while some vary. For example, not all systems allow for smartphone integration. Some functions each may serve include:

The Source:

  • AM/FM radio
  • Satellite radio
  • CD/DVD player
  • iPod/Smartphone integration
  • USB input

Preamp Controls & Adjusts:

  • Controls volume
  • Balance
  • Fader
  • Source
  • Tone
  • Equalizer


  • Boosts audio signal to the speakers

Some reasons you may want to upgrade these components (beyond the need for replacement) include:

Upgrading for Smartphone Integration

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. It’s unusual to see anything other than an android, iPhone, or MP3 player being used in vehicles these days. This is good news for the environment, as all the above eliminate excess litter produced by CD packaging. If your car lacks smartphone integration options, an after-market audio installation can add USB ports, MP3 player jacks, and Bluetooth capabilities to your vehicle. An upgrade like that brings not only listening pleasure, but also raises the value of your car should you chose to sell.

Eliminate Lost Signals

If you take long-distance road trips often or park in underground car parks, you know how annoying it is to have the radio signal cut out on you. The beauty of an upgraded car audio system is that you’ll never be at the mercy of erratic radio signals again. This is because all your favorite listening experiences can be downloaded onto your device for continuous entertainment wherever you are on the road.

Clarity and Bass

The best reason, though, to upgrade your car audio system, is better overall sound quality. Say goodbye to the inferior sound produced by factory-installed audio and welcome the perfect balance of treble, bass, and clarity with an after-market system. It is possible to add on components that will really make things louder such as subwoofers and better quality speakers. These give the audio a surround-sound experience so everyone in the car can hear what is being said or played.

Remember that most car audio installation projects are best done by a professional. Even small wiring mistakes can cause long-term electrical issues in your vehicle or even damage components of your audio system. An audio system upgrade done properly though means no more distortion, fading, tinny treble, or crackling, just pure sound the way audio was designed to be.

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