11 Ways To Pick The Perfect Wedding Ring Band In Sydney

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Choosing a wedding ring band is exciting, but also slightly daunting thanks to all the options available to you. To make things a little easier, here are 11 ways to pick the perfect wedding ring band in Sydney.

Choose The Right Jeweller – This is crucially important. Some jewellers are simply better at custom making rings than others, while there are jewellers who offer better after-sales service for long lasting care of your wedding ring.

Ask About The 4Cs – another reason to choose a quality jeweller is their understanding of the 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat. If you’re incorporating stones into your ring, these things are vital factors to consider.  

A Ring That Lasts – You want your wedding ring to last for years – just like your marriage! Choose a metal that gives you durability as well as beauty. Platinum is the obvious choice in this regard. The better the ring maker, the longer the ring will last too.

Know Your Metal – Speaking about metal, it’s good to learn more about the precious metals used in wedding bands, such as gold, silver and platinum. Some are more durable, some offer more shine, and some accentuate diamonds and gemstones better. An expert jeweller will happily explain the differences.   

Match Your Personality – Bold stone settings or designs can overpower your look and not necessarily reflect your personality. Choose a ring that says a lot about who you are, and keep this in mind when selecting your bridal jewellery.   

Sentimental and Traditional Value – Some people choose a wedding ring based on sentiment or tradition. It might be a plain gold band because that’s what their mother or grandmother wore, or it might feature a particular design that holds sentimental value for the family. If you’re unsure about what type of wedding ring to choose, a nod towards tradition could help you decide.   

How About An Eternity Ring? – Eternity rings are becoming an increasingly popular choice as a wedding ring. Eternity rings have diamonds set all around the ring in a pattern, representing love that has no beginning and no end. This symbolism is perfect for a wedding ring, and also a popular choice when presenting a ring as an anniversary gift or for the birth of a child.  

Which Finger Will You Wear It On? – If you’re planning on wearing your wedding ring on the same finger as your engagement ring, this could affect the shape and sizing of the wedding band. Always discuss this with your jeweller before making a decision.

His & Hers? – Will the bride’s wedding ring be the same as the groom’s? If so, you both need to discuss your preferences, and reach a happy middle ground when selecting your rings.

Consider A Ready-Made Ring – Just because a ring is ready-made it doesn’t mean it won’t be beautiful. If time and budget factors are part of your decision making when choosing a wedding band, seek out a jeweller with a beautiful selection of ready-made rings. Quality jewellers offer quality jewellery – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be custom-made!

Choose The Right Jeweller – Hang on…haven’t we already done this one? We have…but it bears repeating, because the right jeweller can guide you through the exciting yet daunting process of selecting a ring that will be perfect for your special day, and beyond. You deserve to make the perfect selection, and a caring top class jeweller will be only too happy to help you.

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